Storage Shelves in India

Storage Shelves is a versatile system best suited for storage of small components, bins, cartons having light loads up to (300 Kgs) level is available

These can be made in Single Tier, or two and three tier, along with staircase and slope, as per the requirement and available space.

System can be integrated with suitable material handling equipment for carrying material to various tiers and accessory components:

These are also available in special designs for Sub-Zero temperature (Cold room applications)

Storage Shelves are the most versatile, time and cost effective material available for building carts, ladders, benches, shelving, cases, racks or any other type of structure. These shelves is finished in Gray Enamel Paint or Corrosion Resistant Powder Coating Finish


* Excellent versatility
* Quick and Easy to Assemble
* Can be used for any inventory
* Good utilisation of Warehouse volume
* Direct Access to all products and clear product presentation
* Racks can be modified or expanded height and length wise