Mezzanine Floor in India

Mezzanine Floor is a steel support structure, artificial floor, that can be used in warehouses and distribution centres

The durable and rigid Mezzanine Floors are 100% re-locatable, reusable and consist of minimum columns, angles, and base plates.

Mezzanine floor structures are used in a wide variety of locations, to enable automated flow and sortation of goods.

The design and layout of the steelwork is based accordingly to suit customers’ existing site layout and therefore columns, angles and base plates are kept to a minimum. .

Ladders vary from 750 mm wide open treads to 1200mm wide closed treads depending on the nature of the application..


* Quick to assemble and easy.
* Multiplies surface space in industrial premises
* They can be complemented with a variety of shelving system.
* Adaptable to the specific needs of the client, with great variety of sizes available, types of floors.